Monday, November 2, 2009

Glutinous rice

Ever since he arrived, X has been indulging in Asian food so much that I have to specifically remind him to prepare our beloved French dishes. LOL.

Glutinous rice has always been one of his favorites. When we were living in France & if I can find this, I would buy several kgs of it. I use it to make to make his favorite thai dessert - mango with glutinous rice & the cantonese style steam rice.

I would make big batches & then freeze them for when I have a craving which is very often. So a couple of months back, a write up in the newspaper triggered the craving & piqued his interest. The recipe varied from my original one & he was itching to try it out.

It wasn't bad his first attempt at it although he made the mistake of cooking it like regular rice (adding water into it instead of letting the steam cook it). That's what happens when one doesn't follow the recipe.

I love the addition of peanuts & dried scallops which I don't normally do in my recipe but there wasn't enough seasoning for the rice. So we would probably still stick to my old recipe & just add those 2 ingredients.

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