Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brunch & Bubbly

I love big breakfast but I never seem to indulge in it except when I'm on vacation. So the concept of brunch appeals to me, very much. Particularly when bubbly is involved.

We were meeting up with some friends for brunch & I was just about to book mezza9 when I chanced upon an ad for brunch at La Villa. It mentioned bouncy castle & activities for kids - nice. But the clincher is......drum roll.......unlimited prosecco - an italian sparkling wine. Not champagne but a lovely bubbly which I seem to be consuming in copious amounts in Singapore (not that I need an excuse but it's the heat).

La Villa is located in what was formerly the River Valley Primary School. Yet another school transformed into a commercial building. They have a lovely outdoor sitting area & we used to go there for drinks but I have never been for meals.

The brunch just sounded like such a good deal. Here's what you get for $48 per person. They serve you a fresh pastry basket of breads & croissants. Then from the menu you have a selection of the following

A choice of an egg dish -
this was X's poached eggs with hash browns

A choice of pizza
- mine with mozarella, chicken & spinach

A choice of main course
- meat, fish or pasta

and a choice of dessert

All that for $48++ not forgetting the unlimited Prosecco

It was a hot afternoon so we were most definitely taking advantage of the unlimited prosecco. By the time, the main course arrived, we were reasonably full. They have a little petanque area so we took a break from stuffing ourselves to indulge in some outdoor activities.

They put out plates of soapy water for the kids to play bubbles which the Girl of course loved.

That's the bouncy castle they installed in the huge garden

We had a good time & even though it sounds like a good deal & the service was great, I'm not sure we will be back again only because the food was just okay. Since we were a big group, we did try many items on the menu. Nothing was bad - everything was just so so, if you know what I mean. I think I'll book mezz9 the next time.

La Villa
341 River Valley Road


Dutchess said...

We went to the Mezza9 for champagne brunch recently. The spread was good, so was the drinks (they were serving the good stuff). Kids even get sparkly apple juice so they don't feel left out. The only drawback was the venue. Okay, I guess it's not called the mezzanine for nothing but the ceiling was rather low and lighting dim. We felt we were eating in a cave! The next time we go there again, I'm going to request for a table near the entrance where there's more natural light and windows. There's no entertainment for the kids though but I think babysitting services can be arranged for very young children.

Not that it matters but this seems to be the hangout for inter-racial couples (you'll know what mean when you are there). And if you enjoy people-watching, this is a good place for it too.

petite fleur said...

Now that you've given it the Dutchess's stamp of approval, I'm really need to check this out. Thank you.