Monday, November 30, 2009

Wandering City Hall @ Singapore Design Festival

I must have gone past this building a million times but never had the opportunity to go inside. If you haven't either, care to join me on a tour of the inside ?

The main staircase
specially decked out as part of the Design Festival

The beautiful columns

The view of the Esplanade from inside

I didn't realise there was a big courtyard within the building

Part of an interesting collection of
Uniquely Singapore Souvenirs
- the Custom Stamp

I couldn't control a chuckle. If you cannot read the sign, it's
The Singapore Sock Coffee Maker

V is for Vase
what a vase is or is not

Is this a painting or a photo ?
by Charlie Lim

What used to be a courtroom
converted into a gallery

Another beautiful space

Drawings of Carlo Scarpa
an Italian architect

All these a part of the "kawaii" character design & animation


Beau Lotus said...

There are things to do and visit in Singapore when you start looking for them :-). I have enjoyed your postings about our little island since you returned home. Especially the lovely photos.

petite fleur said...

There are. There are. I think things have improved a lot in recent years. I don't remember it being so happening before. Well when you are next in town, we can do some of these together.