Monday, November 30, 2009

Amazonia in Singapore

" The earth, just as any mother, will never complain that her children are wrong, never. So, it is up to us, her children, to protect her, speak to her & look after her".

Posted on the wall of the Amazonia in Singapore exhibition.

This particular exhibition appealed to me because I always have a soft spot for Brazil. And it's about the Amazon. And it's held in City Hall - I don't remember having ever stepped foot in that building before (more about that later).

The little curious had to touch & feel every single nut/seed & made me name all of them.

But the highlight for us, was the video clip. The fidgety about-to-be 5 year old sat through it, which is already saying quite a lot. The video had interviews in Portuguese interspersed with beautiful footage of animals, insects & living creatures that make "the lungs of the earth" their home. Gorgeous.

Arts & crafts and face masks of the Amazonian native tribes.

The exhibition also highlights the efforts to implement sustainable alternatives to protect & conserve the region. The Amazon is so far away but yet so vital to the whole ecosystem.

I had gone to City Hall with the intention of catching this exhibition but later realised that it was part of the Singapore Design Festival & so I took the opportunity to wander around & was very pleasantly surprised to see what was on offer......& even bumped into a friend.

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