Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekend of rugby

I'd just come back from a week in Vietnam - visiting friends & checking out the beaches. Lots to blog about but until then, here are some posts from before our trip.

When I saw the Singapore Rugby Sevens tickets up for sale, I knew I had to buy them for X. As you already know, he's a big sports fan. Since we had so much fun the last time we watched a live rugby match, I figured it would be another nice outing for the family.

The event stretched over 3 days. I'm not that big a fan. Besides the final day was probably the most interesting with the deciding matches.

First of all, I was surprised at how many people attended the event. The tents at the Padang were packed with adults & kids. There were stalls after stalls of food. By far the most popular were the drink stands - a sports event is just another excuse to chug down pitchers of beer or margaritas.

You don't even have to leave your seats, they bring the drinks right to you. There was a one man mobile Guiness dispenser. In between games, the sponsors were handing out all kinds of premiums - mini rugby balls, beer coolers etc.

Some serious camera action here

The kids probably have the most fun. There was a bouncy castle which The Girl found too rowdy to participate. She was just happy to have her face painted & a couple of tattoos sprayed on her arm.

And mum, well she was happy just kicking back, relaxing with her ice cold margarita & watching a bunch of buff men on the field.

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