Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Allez B.O.

This B.O. is not what you are think.

This B.O. refers to Biarritz Olympique, the rugby team.

Little known fact about me - I like rugby. This has not always been the case. It only started 5 years ago during the Rugby world cup when X visited me in NY. It was quite a challenge trying to find bars in the US that would screen rugby games (there weren't any pay per view cable stations broadcasting the games) & more so since they were playing in Sydney but we managed to hunt them down & there in the wee hours of the morning began my induction to the world of rugby. Before that, my only knowledge of rugby was the Rugby Sevens in HK which is more a social rather than a sporting event.

South west region of France is the stronghold of rugby & has top clubs like Stade Toulousain & Biarritz Olympique. On the night we arrived in Biarritz, while buying cereal in the supermarket, we saw a poster that says B.O. will be playing Auch in Stade Aguilera in a Top 14 match (the French rugby national league) the next day. You just know we had to get tickets for the game.

Nothing beats watching a game live - the atmoshere, the fans, the chanting & of course beer & food (sadly unlike the Americans, the French don't have a huge culture of food during games). I still have very fond memories of eating hotdogs, buffalo wings & drinking beer while watching baseball in Yankee stadium.

Anyway, the weather was perfect & even the Girl got into the action waving her red & white inflated batons. Her father was very happy to be able to get in a bit of rugby action during the trip. What a bit of luck. In case you're interested, the final score was 26:3 for Biarritz.

B.O. has quite a few French internationals, one of them, the scrumhalf Dimitri Yachvili.

Half time entertainment, the fan club of B.O. made their way to the field for a chorus rendition. At which point, I decided it was time for more beer.


Angela said...

Your daughter is gorgeous! I believe she should be older than Suri Cruise so I would say Suri Cruise looks like her. ;)

petite fleur said...

Thank you Angela. I've never noticed the resemblance before but then again, I've not seen too many pictures of Suri Cruise. I'll take note the next time I come across one.

angela said...

Just google it. Btw, I came across your website thru Maryann's blog. Yummy food u have there, I wish I was a great cook. :p

petite fleur said...

I just did. Of course I think my daughter is the better looking one but I can see why you think they look alike altho Suri has blue eyes tho'.

I'm by no stretch of the imagination, a great cook but I do like to cook & experiment & with practise, you do get better.

angela said...

Of cos u think your girl is better looking. :) How old is she? My girl is 2 years 2 months old. I was told by a friend I need to stop counting her age by months.

Here's a link to see the food I cook/eat. Don't laugh at those I cooked tho. I didn't know how to cook porridge until my daughter was 8 months old.

angela said...

think this should work

angela said...

sorry :P probably the link is too long.

petite fleur said...

Mine's 3. I got too lazy to count after she turned 2. But over here, people would ask which month she was born just to figure out exactly how old she is ?

Why you don't ask Maryann for my contact (I'm on Facebook) & you can email me the link again ? I'd love to see your photos.