Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This one is for all my friends in NY

X & I love cocktails. I blame it on NY cos it is afterall the capital of cocktails. As for X, I don't know what is his excuse.

I'm starting a series of our favorite cocktail drinks starting with lychee martini. What better way than to acknowledge New York's love for martinis. You name it & the bar tenders there can make it - shaken, stirred, dirty, saketinis, appletinis, water melon martinis, the list goes on.

Here's how we do a lychee martini. Pour one part lychee juice (found in canned lychees) with one part vodka (of course, if you want it to be less alcoholic you can do 2:1) then add lots of ice into cocktail shaker. Shake thoroughly. Pour it out into martini glasses (without the ice). Serve it well chilled with 2-3 lychees.

This post is dedicated to all my friends in New York who may have, at one time or another, shared more than a few drinks with me (you all know who you are). Cheers !!


sacha aka sylvia said...

girl, you made awesome lychee martinis and so glad that you are sharing your recipe. ja had told me that you should share your drink recipes with everyone. remember the aloe martinis?

petite fleur said...

Of course I remember the aloe martinis. I will be in Paris next month & I'm still thinking if I should lug some bottles back. Those are so good.