Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oeuf a la coque

Oeuf a la coque

This is the most requested menu item by the Girl. She loves eggs, particularly soft boiled eggs. Most French children grew up eating this. It's not generally served at breakfast cos the French don't eat eggs for breakfast.

Put the egg in boiling water for exactly 3 minutes, remove and serve with mouillettes (strips of bread toasted in butter) to dunk in the egg yolk.


Stefania said...

one of my favorite meals ever! thanks for linking to my site! yours is gorgeous. LOVE your photos.

meng said... still remember killiney kopi tiam or ya kun ?

teh tarik with kaya loti n soft boil eggs!

petite fleur said...

Hi Stefania, I'm delighted that you stopped by. I've always enjoyed reading your blog.

Meng - I love teh tarik & kaya loti but don't remember having eaten their soft boiled eggs tho

Beau Lotus said...

Yeap don't these kids love eggs esp hard boiled or soft boiled?

And lately I've introduced them to my mother's softboiled eggs - cooked in freshly-boiled water for 20 mins and then served in a plate with dark soy sauce and pepper. Love the way the eggs look on the plate - white and wobbly with bits of black :-)

petite fleur said...

Tell me about it - she loves it any which way & we're lucky cos we get them fresh from her grandfather.

So tell me about your mother's soft boiled eggs. After the water is boiled, you remove from the stove & then just let the egg cook in there for 20 mins, is that right ?

Beau Lotus said...

Yeap, though mine may have taken 20 mins coz I didn't have a big tin mug with lid like mom and some of the steam may have escaped through the plate I used to cover my bowl. You try and test with whatever you have.

Sigh, fresh eggs from the grandfather to boot...How lucky can some people get?