Monday, April 14, 2008

Pate & Rice

When I was living in HK, I used to frequent this tiny Vietnamese restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong. It was on the way home & I would often go there to get something for dinner. For a tiny place, it sure has an extensive menu but one item caught my eye - pate with rice & egg. An unusual combination & something that I'd never seen in any other Vietnamese restaurant. Before I knew it, I found myself ordering this dish for take out on a regular basis.

Now living here where pate is plentiful (& very often home made from X's father), I haven't stopped the habit of eating it that way. I don't do it when X's family is around - they would find that very strange. I'm sure any French person is going to find it very strange. Here, pate is only ever eaten as a starter with bread or toast.

After a very active weekend, come Mondays, I'm usually too tired to prepare anything so this is what I would fall back on. Rice with pate & 2 fried eggs, over easy. Yummy.

Update : X just said this looks like cat food....see what I mean, they just don't get it.


meng said...

actually i agree with X. will give it a try next few days and see if it taste as good. i happen to find a can of pate in the cupboard.

petite fleur said...

You will like it...I'm sure. Anyway let me know.