Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Poisson d'Avril

In France, April Fool's Day is also called Poisson d'Avril (Fish of April). I turned to the internet for the origin of this reference to fish but there doesn't seem to be one. There are many theories tho' - one being that's when the sun leaves the zodiac sign Pisces & another one being that generally this is the time when the rivers are full of fish hence fish of April & since they are easily lured with a hook - they are stupid ! (which I thought was rather silly). Side note - in France, there is a season for hunting & also a season for fishing but in April, it is illegal to fish.

The typical prank for French children is to pin a paper fish behind someone's back. Today when I picked the Girl up from school, I did check to see if there is one pinned on her back. Anyway so here's wishing everyone Happy Fish Day !!

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