Friday, April 11, 2008

Cooking with Children

Don't know about you but I really enjoy cooking with the Girl. Whenever I'm cooking or baking, she would pull up her little chair to stand next to the countertop to see what's going on.

If possible, I'll assign little tasks for her to do like arranging the sliced potatoes when I make gratin dauphinois or soak the spring roll skins in water. She's quite the little helper - even knows how to remove garlic skins.

But she has the most fun when I'm baking - whisking & mixing, cutting the cookies into various shapes, decorating the cookies or sometimes just playing with a small piece of dough. Of course, she will make a mess - esp when fluor is involved but she really enjoys it so I just let her be.

So I'm thinking that this mini baking set from sur la table would be perfect. Should I wait for her birthday to get this for her ?

And while writing this post, I also came across these
felt fruits from umecrafts @ etsy. How cute are they !

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