Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas with a Conscience @ qi-global

So there I was browsing at this particular exhibition & admiring all these products that are environmentally friendly yet chic & cool when I looked up & saw my friends Kristine & Paul, founders of qi-global.

Long story how I got to know them but we basically met in Cannes & then moved to Singapore around the same time. Kristine & I even shared info on moving companies.

Shortly after they arrived, they started qi-global, a social enterprise that present talks & introduce beautiful low carbon products.

Bag made from candy wrappers

Can you guess what this gorgeous sling bag is made out of
Look closely
they are recycled ring pulls
Each bag has a profile & bio of the woman who made it
How cool is that !

I wish there were more photos of what they have but right after I saw them, I completely forgot to take any pictures. But do check out their website at and perhaps you can pick up a few Christmas gifts. I did.

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