Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not so humble meal

Despite the name, nothing about My Humble House is humble. Even when we made reservations, we were told that no children under 10 were allowed (at least not during the weekdays). Then there is the dress code of no shorts & bermudas which I don't have a problem with. Fine dining is anything but humble.

The dining room is beautifully decorated with high back chairs, opulent lights & chic table settings. Our New York friends loved the many photo op in the restaurant.

I admit I have put off going there despite rave reviews from friends only because everytime I was back in Singapore, I'd rather go for the local stuff. Trying out contemporary chinese cuisine does not come close to my cravings for mee siam, char kway teow, laksa etc.

But now that I'm back & have satisfied my cravings many times over. It's time to venture beyond the old favorites. You all know how much I love the New Majestic Restaurant, so when our friends were in town, it was the perfect time to finally check out this often featured restaurant.

Trio of dimsum

I usually like to order the tasting menu cos we get to try the chef's specials. All the menu items have whimsical names like someone is singing behind the mountains, pearls of spring rain, flights of fantasy etc.

King Prawn in a delicious curry sauce
which had us all raving

Chicken cutlet in a thai sauce

Handspun noodles with preserved vegetables & shredded meat
The broth smelt wonderful but so bland that X hardly touched his

The best part of the meal came last, pastry packet filled with red bean with vanilla ice cream.

We had a wonderful dining experience. The room is beautiful, the service excellent & the food well presentated but I couldn't help feeling a tad disappointed. It might be because I went with high expectations but a couple of low points on the meal eg. the bland noodles, the green apple reduction on the beef tenderloin (not pictured) was too sweet & overpowering. I wanted to be wowed but that didn't happen.

In the meantime, I want to check out Jing & Jaan by Andre.


Beau Lotus said...

I've been wanting to try the restaurant too but always got swayed by another one e.g. Club Chinois. Next time I'll give it a go.

Meanwhile most Tung Lok restaurants have this dress code and no-children rule especially for weekdays.

petite fleur said...

I read somewhere that Club Chinois has closed. I understand the dress code & the no children rule. If I'm going to a fine dining restaurant, I want to get the most of my dining experience. I just don't associate it with Chinese restaurants, if you know what I mean.