Sunday, November 8, 2009

Concert at Botanical Gardens

We are regulars of the Botanical Garden by now. We've done it so often, I can pack everything we need in 5 mins flat. Trust me, it's no small feat considering we usually have friends join us & that we spend half a day there. There's the cooler for keeping the wine cold, activity bag with stuff to keep the kids occupied, food to feed an army & even a foldable chair for my mum.

Strangely enough, unlike in New York, when I was going to Central Park all the time to watch concerts, we never saw one at the Botanical Gardens. When it came to my attention that the Singapore Chinese Orchestra was playing there one Sunday, we made our way there once again.

I've never seen the Park so crowded & it filled up very quickly. It was a sponsored event & the sponsors were giving out free mats, fans & bottled water. The mats were handy for those who didn't bring any but they came apart after 5 mins (we found quite a few in the bins on our way out).

I was particularly keen to go to this one because I wanted to introduce the 2 Frenchies to classical Chinese instruments. It has been a while since I listened to Chinese orchestra music so it was a treat to catch this free concert at the Gardens where they performed a selection of Chinese & Western music.

The concert also featured the NY Philharmonic Principal Bass. According to the MC, their flight was delayed so it was rather late by the time they performed which was a pity cos people were starting to leave.

It made me missed New York just a little more cos they were playing tunes from the Big Apple & reminded me of the times we sat on the Great Lawn listening to the NY Philharmonic under the stars.

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