Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gingerbread House

For the playgroup last week, the kids made a gingerbread house. Gaby had bought the kit on her previous trip to Germany so it was a perfect playgroup activity.

All she had to do was to make the glue - a mixture of sugar & egg white

The kids did the rest - putting the candies (which came with the kit) up on the house
& of course occasionally helping themselves to some

The gingerbread house

We also decided to go to the Christmas market in Aubenas (yup yet another one)

The band next to the "fireplace"

We also dropped by to say hi to Prele who was there
as the make up artist for the children


Tsu Lin + + said...

And to you, PF, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY you Christmas Eve gal!

Sri said...

Happy Birthday!!
Oh, the patience you need to make thse gingerbread houses. I tried a few years back and totally gave up. And that's using a storebought kit. That's my 1st and last time. :D

petite fleur said...

Thank you ladies.


It was my first time too. Gaby made it seem so easy tho'. I'm even tempted to try it next year.