Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saturday lunch & Night Christmas Market

We had a busy weekend.

On Saturday, we were invited over to chez Gaby's for lunch.

I'd forgotten to take pictures of the meal but I did take one of the spinach lasagne which I've never had before & it was delicious. Mental note to self : Must try to make it one day.

After lunch we just hung around until it was time to bundle the kids (it was cold) off to Villeneuve de Berg for their night Christmas market.

The usual stalls selling Christmas decorations

Roasted chestnuts

Have you ever seen a manual driven carousel ? Well it was powered by this one man pedalling away. How quaint. Sure it didn't go very fast & it wasn't very big but it sure attracted a lot of attention.

The children got their faces painted.....

.....and carried their lanterns all the way home


meng said...

xmas markets in europe are so cool. i really miss them.

u staying put in france for the holidays??

petite fleur said...

They are, in general but the ones here are a little small tho'. Yup we'll be here for Christmas & NY but going back for CNY. I'll message you with the details