Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What do you do when it snows ?

Stay home & eat, of course.

Last Sunday, we had a bit of a snow storm. Many households in south eastern France lost electricity (we lost ours for 18 hours right after this party), roads were blocked & warnings of avalanche.

That was the scene outside our house as it snowed all day

Make sure you are stocked up with lots of wine

X prepared this delicious starter - Ragout of pan fried scallops & baby squids with wild mushrooms which had everybody raving.

Main course was classic Chinese - claypot chicken rice with stir fried vegetables

But the most important is of course to be surrounded by good company


eunice said...

The scenary looks beautiful. Of course, reality could be you are freezing your buns off! Your food looks great (as usual)too.

Angela said...

Yummy yummy starter! :) Are you guys in for a white X'mas? We are scheduled for storm and rain in Iceland. :(

petite fleur said...

Eunice - The house is well heated so we were happy to be indoors.

Angela - Snow is not in the forecast for next week but I think it will be cold tho. You stay warm.

meng said...

any chance to share the receipe for the starter? looks yummy

Sri said...


Can I tell you that it's sunny and breezy..not to mention warm (not hot and humid) in SOuth FLorida right now? Perfect for the beach and pool! LOL...

petite fleur said...

When we see you back in Singapore, you can ask X for it. He says first step, go pick wild mushrooms from the forest.

You're killing me.