Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays

With all that snow last Sunday, I couldn't wait to go sleding. We don't have to go very far to the nearest ski station - La Croix de Bauzon is only 36 km from Aubenas.

It's a short drive of not more than an hour from our place to the Tanargue mountain. We actually didn't go to the ski station because of the crowds & since we were only interested in sleding (faire de la luge). We found a good spot all to ourselves just before arriving at the station.

The Girl, intent on throwing snow balls at her parents

We bought the sled last year but perhaps she was too young then, she didn't enjoy it as much & was rather terrified. But that all changed this year cos she couldn't get enough & wanted to keep going.

Her snow suit was a present from her grandmother last winter that thankfully still fits her this year. Check out her new snow boots.

See how soft the snow was. At some parts, it reached up to my knees. But also see how inappropriately dressed I was, in jeans....

X made this adorable snowman.
The Girl & I accessorised him
(BTW this one is for those who complain that there are no pictures of me on the blog)

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas
from our family to yours


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading yr blog & drooling over the food pixs plus the lovely scenery & wishing that I could pack my bag & head to Europe again for a holiday. But no I can't cause the euro is still high versus the SGD. Some other time.

Yr daughter looks exceedingly happy on her sled pulled by her father. The joys of childhood!

Does this mean that soft snow will melt soon?

Happy holidays & good health to you & yr family!

eunice said...

Finally a pic of you! Love her in the snowsuit. It looks so fun. Happy holidays!

Rei said...

Merry Xmas to you and your loved ones!

petite fleur said...


I'm glad you enjoy my blog. We intend to go back again so we'll see if the snowman is still standing.


It was time


Happy Holidays to you & your family

meng said...

finally...a pict with u in it!