Monday, December 22, 2008

French Oysters

"I love oysters. It's like kissing the sea on the lips."
Leon-Paul Fargue (1876-1947)

Generally I'm not a big fan of oysters (apart from oyster omelette).

But something about the holiday season makes me crave for them. I saw the first ones (la fine de claire) in the supermarket last week & promptly bought 2 dozen.

The French love oysters. They harvest 130,000 tons of these a year, being the biggest producer in Europe & eating all of it themselves, especially during Christmas & NY. Around this time of the year, you would also hear reports of stolen oysters which would then be sold in the black market.

Over here, oysters are generally eaten on the half shell, raw of course with a little bit of shallots & red wine vinagrette. I like mine with tobasco, a squeeze of lemon....& of course a glass of chilled white wine.

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