Thursday, May 15, 2008

Flea Market

Now that the weather is warmer, it's flea market season. Every town & village seem to be organising their own. I ran a search & just next Sunday alone, there are already 9 of these in Ardeche. If you're interested, here's the site.

In France, they are called vide-greniers, marche aux puces or brochantes. I can never figure out the difference. I suppose it depends on whether you consider gently used goods as junk or antiques.

Anyway, this past Monday (Whit Monday, a public holiday) it was our commune's turn to have our marche aux puces. Regardless of whether you end up buying anything, it is always fun to browse. And as with every activity in the countryside, it is just as much a social event - you'll end up saying hi to all your neighbours there. They may be either browsing or they may have a stand selling their stuff - not unlike a garage sale.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Sounds like a nice day to hang with the neighbors! :)

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!

Moo said...

anyone can go set up their own stall or do they have to apply to their mairie?

watching 'fated to love you' at the moment (ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni),just finished watching gossip girls and how i met your mother..trying to find more us shows now..hehe..

i should be free in the evening, dinner?

petite fleur said...

Jenn - Thanks for dropping by

Moo - I know it looks rather random & some even looks like they are selling from their van but there are specific lots & yes they must apply for a space & pay a minimal fee.

I'm trying to see if I can extend the hotel for one more day. I'll let you know