Saturday, May 17, 2008


Vogue. This is not a song by Madonna nor is it the fashion magazine. It's pronounced as Vo-gu-ay & it's listed as one of 152 most beautiful villages in France.

It's a small village nestled between the river Ardeche & a limestone cliff. Right at the top of the village is the imposing 12th century Chateau de Vogue, once the seat of the barons of Languedoc. It was rebuilt in the 17th century & it houses a museum featuring exhibitions about the region. Unfortunately when we were there on Tues, it was closed. I'm really not a very good guide. I should have done my homework.

In the summer, the Girl & I would go there to swim in the river. There is a nice sand bank by the river & the water is shallow enough for children to play in. Along the river, you can see the original stone wall around the village - still in pristine condition.

And not totally related but since I'm getting complaints that there aren't many pictures of the Girl, I thought I'd slip in some pictures of her in the playground not far from the Chateau.

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