Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The reason I was in Paris

Actually 2 reasons. Elaine & Todd. They had come all the way from San Francisco so it was the perfect excuse for me to make another trip to the capital to see them, stock up on shabu shabu sauce, catch up with friends in Paris, get a Brazilian wax, go to Muji, go to the bookstore at the Pompidou Centre, have a bowl of ramen or/and pho......Okay so there were more reasons to visit Paris.

Sorry if you were expecting to see beautiful photos of Paris, how about beautiful people in Paris instead ?

Todd & Elaine

The girl in the courtyard of the Palais Royal

You see, there is a picture of me, afterall

At Cafe de l'Industrie

Taking a break from climbing all the steps to Sacre Coeur

We also caught up with Laetitia & her mommy.
The girl was not being co-operative so I had to
crop her out of this photo
but Laetitia is a darling & posed readily.

A bar along Rue de la Roquette (can't remember the name)
Drinking just like old times

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