Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We just got back last night. Phew 3 nights in Rouen & 2 nights in Paris. Lots & lots of pictures to share. I still love Paris (& always will) but either I've been living in the countryside for too long or it's just age or the fact that I was travelling with a 3 year old, I was so tired.......of the crowds, of the mass of people everywhere.

But mostly I was happy to catch up with my friends.

By the way, France being different from the rest of the world, celebrates Mother's Day today. So what will I be doing - unpacking, doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking, playing with the Girl - I guess what mother's do everyday. And you know what, I don't mind it one bit. I enjoy being a mum. To all mothers, a very Happy Mother's Day.

Once I've finished my chores, I'll sort out the pictures. Here's where we left from - Valence TGV station.


meng said...

looks liek we have just missed each other in paris!! i was visiting the city last week (22-24 may). dropped an earlier email to your yahoo account see if you could be visiting as well, so its definitely a concidence! anyway paris is such a pretty city and the best thing is that the stereotypical parisian is no more. they are actually quite friendly and speak angliaise!

petite fleur said...

Aiyah..Talk about coincidence, I was in Paris those EXACT same dates. We could have met up !! I don't check my yahoo mail. If only you'd sent me a msg on mac or even here on the blog....

And how come you didn't come visit me ?

meng said...

ya loh..missed opportunity! I was actually in Ldn for work and decided that I could make a quick w/e trip to visit Paris only. not enuf time to go dwn to Provence. thats why i wanted to check if you could be visiting Paris as well. anyway what your mac email address?