Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Burger Wraps

This has been on my to do list for a while now.....ever since I saw Sri's entry.

I'm not a burger person, in fact this is the first time I've attempted anything close to a burger. The reason this piqued my interest was because Sri had made them into a wrap & suddenly the burger took on a whole different look. Plus I had to find one more reason to use my new grill (yes I finally bought one for my induction stove).

Go to Sri's Feed My World for the recipe. I didn't put any liquid smoke or grill seasoning cos I don't have any and the burger patties, nevertheless, turned out flavorful & moist. I also used only half the amount of beef & made 6 mini patties instead cos I know The Girl would love this too.

I didn't have any lettuce so I used mache & generously added them into the wrap. She served hers with ketchup & mayonnaise but I used salsa to give it more of a Mexican flavor. Looking at her recipe now I also realised that I forgot to add cheese. Never mind, I'll remember it for the next time & there will be a next time cos I fully intend to make this again.


Sri said...

Glad you like it!
YOu know what else is good with these patties? Stuffing them in wantons!!
I made that the other day when I had leftovers but didnt take any photos. I broke the patties up, take a spoonful and put it in a wanton wrap. Close it and fry it. Eat it with chilli sauce. Wah!!! So yummy! :D
I even try baking them at 375F and brushing canola oil but the wanton didn't turn up crispy enough for me. Frying them works better.

Neen said...

Very grown up. I dig. The mache and the Mexican salsa (?) make a very nice addition, and is that pita I see? I wouldn't hesitate to serve this to guests at a casual get-together.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i love wraps and i'll definitely throw in lotsa lotsa cheese hehehe...this looks gorgeous, girl. i'll try it soon ;)

petite fleur said...


That does sound good.


That's tortilla but I suppose you could also do with pita. Thanks for dropping by.


I feel like smacking myself for, of all things, forgetting to put in cheese.