Monday, July 7, 2008

Cannes Chronicles II - Marche Forville

You would think that all I wanted to do in Cannes is to lie on the beach all day - well at least that was the plan but I surprised myself by saying this, after 3 days of doing just that, I was ready to check out what else there was to do in Cannes. I've been to Cannes before but each time it was only for a few days & I really hadn't done anything beyond going to the beach & eating out.

There will be another post on what else we did but I thought Marche Forville deserves a post on it's own. As with everywhere else I go, the first place I hit is the local farmer's market. It's always fun to soak up the atmosphere, see what fresh produce is available & perhaps buy some fruits to eat along the way.

Just like Cannes, even the fruits & vegetables on display are beautiful. Marche Forville gets the best produce from around the country & beyond. I was even tempted to break my I'm-on-vacation-I don't-cook mode & buy some vegetables but I didn't.

What drew me to this stall was the smell of the mushrooms. If you're a mushroom freak like me, you'll know that there's nothing quite like the scent of wild mushrooms. Look at all that cepe (I was looking at them enviously cos I haven't had much luck finding any this year).

Olives & Tapenades (olive spread)

Aahh Saucisson. Dried sausages. Not to be confused with Saucisse - which are sausages but need to be cooked & eaten warm. Saucisson are eaten cold, sliced thinly with the outer skin removed.

Our whole family loves these. Generally eaten as a snack with apperitif or as the starter with a selection of charcuterie like ham or proscuitto. Rene makes his own & I love when he makes them with
sangier (wild boar). It's not unlike chorizo but the French never makes them spicy.

Strangely enough they are hard to come by outside of France, when I was back in Singapore to give birth & had a craving for this, we couldn't find them anywhere. If you were to visit France, I highly recommend you try this.

On Mondays, Marche Forville turns into an antiques market


story teller said...

hi mei, this is a beautiful blog. well done. both the pictures and the writing is fabulous. your daughter looks very cute. gerard

petite fleur said...


Where do I know you from ? Sorry to ask but I know several Gerards & I'm not sure who you are. BTW you've got an interesting blog too.