Saturday, July 12, 2008

Les Arts Cordes

Each time summer is around, I get really excited because that means there will be flux of cool events & activities which we don't normally get around here. Which is one of the reasons I missed NY. Over there, you are spoilt for choice EVERY single day.

One such cool event was Les Arts Cordes that I'd gone to watch last night. Laurence has been telling me about their performance that she saw 2 years ago & that she has been eagerly waiting for them to perform again this year. So naturally I was excited to see them too.

The location this year is in Vogue, which I had already mentioned here. They perform on/near/over/under the viaduc. You see, this is a theatrical acrobatic troupe - using acrobatics to tell a story.

The viaduc is where the "stage" would be. As you can see, the setting is amazing.

People sitting on the bank of the river Ardeche, waiting for the performance to start.

I'm just going to leave you with images from the show. I apologise if some of them are blurred due to lighting. All I can say is that the show is magnificent albeit a little short. Do watch them if they are coming to a town near you.

Note : You know you're living in the countryside when driving home after midnight, you try not to run over a sangier (wild boar). I saw no less than 4 last night.

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