Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chicken liver salad

I love innards. There, I said it. Actually it's no big secret - I don't hide my fascination for the dark side of the meat world - the spare parts be they liver, gizzard, kidney, heart, stomach, throat lining, I love them all (perhaps the only things I would draw the line are sexual organs & brains). Don't be so shock, you know us Chinese are frugal beings, we make sure no parts of the animals go to waste. As for brains, sigh, it is a Chinese belief that one would be more intelligent just by drinking brain soup - I have bad childhood memories of my mother forcing me to drink the soup & it didn't seem to help one bit.

Anyway didn't mean to gross any of you out there but I'm talking about liver here, something not so off the beaten track. Of the lot, I love liver best whether they are done in western or chinese cuisine - foie gras or chicken liver soup with ginger. Tasty & provide lots of iron too. When I first moved here, I was so excited to discover these packets of liver confit - liver cooked in duck fat. At which point again, I should mention that if you're looking for lean cuisine, you have come to the wrong place.

All you have to do is to either microwave them or fry them 5-7 mins on the frying pan & they are ready. I love them on a salad with hard boiled eggs (to balance the saltiness) & of course, mustard vinaigrette.


Angela said...

I think someday u should try the Icelandic Thorrablot. :) Here's a link for a brief idea.

petite fleur said...

OMG have you ever tried it ? The menu sounds scary even for someone who is adventurous with food.

Which reminds me of the show I meant to tell you about. I was watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations & one of the episodes he was in Iceland. He absolutely hated it there & didn't put Icelandic food in a very good light. Oh & they also featured the very popular hot dog (about the only thing he loved). Have you seen this show ? If not, I'll send you the link.

Sri said...

I love liver. Maybe not on a salad (I probably gotta try that).

Anthony Bourdain may not like Icelandic food but that bizarre foods guy...Andrew Zimmern sure loves it. I'm a huge fan of Bourdain, btw. Dang...I love his sarcasm. :D

petite fleur said...


The French loves gizzard, liver, hearts on a salad. I love Bourdain too. I'm only just watching No Reservations (I know, I know but better late than never) & he is hilarious. Do you have a favorite episode ?

Angela said...

No, I don't dare to eat the food from Thorrablot. They eat basically everything from the sheep. Even the eye balls and tongue. My brother is the only Singaporean I know who tried and liked it!

Never heard of Anthony Bourdain though.. He hated Iceland? Why? Icelandic food is mainly just lamb and fish. I can understand why he doesn't like the food here.

yes, the downtown hot dog stand. Everyone must try it if they are here. My family and my friend who came to visit loved the hot dog. :)

Email me the link for the Iceland episode. Thanks

Laetitia's mummy said...

OOOOhhhh.... I love this typical french chicken liver salad too. E was just asking me when we're going to visit you for a culinary feast. :p

petite fleur said...

S - yes, when are you coming to visit ? Eer don't know about culinary feast but I promise to cook you some food from home, if that's what would entice you to come over to visit ?