Monday, July 7, 2008

Cannes Chronicles I - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

Being in Cannes is like being transported into another world - a world far different from Ardeche, that's for sure. In the one week I was there, I probably heard more Russian, English & German spoken than I did French. Apart from the Film Festival, flocks of tourists descend upon the place. Everybody wants to see what the hype is all about.

You do feel it, once you're there. Palais des Festival, where the Film Festival is held, still draws hordes of tourist taking pictures at the steps, long after the red carpet is removed. On the ground outside the building, there is a Walk of Fame of sorts. I found one of Sophia Loren, among other stars.

As you walk along the Boulevard de la Croisette, the seafront promenade, you'll see shops after shops of high end name brands. I remember the first time I went down La Croisette, I was taken in by the architecture of the beach front buildings. The crown jewel is of course, the Carlton, where all the celebrities stay.

Needless to say, you'll spot all the coolest cars parked outside the Carlton or the Martinez.

Even the merry-go-round in Cannes has a selection of hot cars to choose from.

Parallel to La Croisette is Rue d'Antibes - more shops. The good thing about Cannes is that everything is within walking distance. Our apartment was just off Rue d'Antibes which is 2 blocks from the beach & right in front of the train station making it a good base if you want to explore the rest of the French Riviera & very handy when we went to Marineland (which I will post about later). More affordable shopping can be found on Rue Meynadier - where I bought my silver Havianas slippers.

Chances are if you're in Cannes during the summer, you would spend some time on the beach. It's beautiful - the sand is fine & the water is clear. But the best part of the beach is only opened to hotel guests or guests of the beach club. Being there for a week, I've done some research & prices can range up to 35 euro for a lounge chair @ The Carlton (if you are prepared to part with that kind of dough to rub shoulders with celebrities). Some places charge separately for umbrellas & lounge chairs and most would have rates for half day (cutoff is 13.30) or full day. The best deal I've found is that at The Dunes - half day 9 euro, full day 15 euro (prices may change depending on the season) - lounge chair & umbrella included. The staff was friendly & the menu looked interesting too but unfortunately the restaurant was booked for some private event & I didn't get to try the food.

Another option would be to head over to either end of the beach & rent chairs & umbrellas from the municipal. They have changing rooms, toilets, shower facilities & friendly beach staff. They are only slightly less expensive than The Dunes but you can bring your own food & have your own picnic at the beach which is not allowed at the beach club - you're obliged to order from the restaurant (which is why you only pick the beach club where the food appeals to you). Or of course you can also just lay down a towel on the public beach.

How can we not talk about luxury yachts if we're talking about the lifestyles of the rich & famous ? The port is full of small fishing boats & big luxury yachts. So ladies & gentlemen, let me present M/Y Alaska - where X is working right now.

That's the reason we were in Cannes the first place, to spend some time with him before the boat starts sailing this week. Of course for those of you so inclined, there are some weeks in the summer that the Alaska is still available for charter. Leave me a note in the comments if you're interested.


bACk in GERMANY said...


Came over to your blog from

We were in Cannes too, last weekend. Thanks for the recommendation, though we didn't have much time to cover most of the things you mentioned. My kids were too crazy about the beach to care for anything else.

Lovely life-style you lead there in Ardeche.

petite fleur said...


Hope my recommendations were useful. So did you enjoy Cannes ? The weather must be gorgeous now & it wasn't too crazy with people ?

Where in Germany are you ?

bACk in GERMANY said...


We live in Frankfurt.

We didn't stay in Cannes because we were already booked in Nice. But we like the beaches alot better in Cannes.

Yep, we wanted to try the Dunes, but the clubs were all closing at 4.30pm that day due to some fireworks festival by the bay. The beach clubs were being dressed up into expensive restaurants.