Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cannes Chronicles V - Sushi Kan

Whenever I eat out, I crave for non-French food. So it's not surprisingly that my favorite restaurant in Cannes is a sushi restaurant. X has been raving about this place & along with Take, his Japanese friend, have been there often.

At it's helm are 2 Brazilian chefs. Although the restaurant has conveyor belt for the sushi, forget about that & order the chef's specials instead. We love the maki foie gras, maki unagi & the hot roll - a maki that is then dipped & fried as a tempura.

Don't bother with the cerviche. It was disappointing. For dessert, they have an interesting tempura wrapped ice cream which The Girl had or you can pick a plate of macarons off the conveyor belt.

Sushi Kan
5 rue Florian
06400 Cannes
04 93 39 86 13

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